Exfoliating Hand Scrub

Exfoliating Hand Scrub


This scrub instantly transforms your hands from tired and dirty to fresh and clean. Ground olive stones are gently scrubbing away dirt and exfoliate silky softness back into your hands. A natural deep clean of your hands is a perfect 1-minute routine, only needed or after a garden work duty. The scrub contains geranium and hazel oil. These oils have antiseptic, healing calming properties ideal for sensitive skin. Olive oil contains high amount of vitamin E and Omega 6, which are both softening the skin. Spearmint is invigorating and uplifting leaving a cleansing fresh scent. 

100 ml plastic bottle with lid


Water, grounded olive stones, olive oil, glycerine, hazel essential oil, geranium essential oil, spearmint essential oil, vegetable-based emulsifier and organic preservatives.

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