Cotton Fresh Reed Diffusers

Cotton Fresh Reed Diffusers


Klinta’s Reed Diffusers match the fragrances of the massage candles with same pure and gentle scents. With an environmentally friendly production in mind, these diffusers contain no alcohol, glycol or acetone and are based on vegetable oil derived from soya beans, which has just as effective scent-carrying properties. Oil from soya beans is also a sustainable choice. These diffusers have a lasting fragrance of 2 - 3 months. 

This scent is clean, fresh and authentic. A fragrance that takes you back to your grandmothers laundry room and out tin the fresh air with full lines of drying washing. The scent is a bestseller and gives you a connection with nature by blowing a gust of fresh air through your home.

50 ml glass


Soya bean oil, essential oils, fragrances.

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