Cotton Fresh Massage Candle

Cotton Fresh Massage Candle


Iconic and original – we think this innovative massage oil candle from Klinta is fascinating. The candle has a clean and fragrant burn with a creative twist. The candle surprisingly burns the wax into an oil, which has excellent properties as both body and massage oil. Just burn the candle for an hour, wait a few minutes and then enjoy using the warm oil anywhere on your body.  The candle burns for around 45 hours. 

This scent is clean, fresh and authentic. A fragrance that takes you back to your grandmothers laundry room and out in the fresh air with full lines of drying washing. The scent is a bestseller and gives you a connection with nature by blowing a gust of fresh air through your home.

160 g glass


Soya wax, rapeseed oil and palm oil, essential oils, fragrances, cotton wick.

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