Amber and Tonka Bean Massage Candle

Amber and Tonka Bean Massage Candle


Iconic and original – we think this innovative massage oil candle from Klinta is fascinating. The candle has a clean and fragrant burn with a creative twist. The candle surprisingly burns the wax into an oil, which has excellent properties as both body and massage oil. Just burn the candle for an hour, wait a few minutes and then enjoy using the warm oil anywhere on your body.  The candle burns for around 45 hours. 

The scent of warm amber and smoky tonka bean comes with aromas from French perfumery and create an exciting blend with undertones of creamy vanilla and fresh lavender. An unusual mix full of charm and energy.

160 g glass


Soya wax, rapeseed oil and palm oil, essential oils, fragrances, cotton wick.

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