Sthira - Yoga Candle

Sthira - Yoga Candle


Firm, Steady and Focused Mind

This scent inspires you to stay firm, steady and focused. With steady roots we are able to grow and blossom as human beings, get strong and nourish the true wisdom from within. When we nourish this grounded quality in our body, mind and soul. This candle spreads an earthy organic scent, which will embrace the roots of your body to help you to improve in your practice. In yoga, when Sthira is practiced, steadiness of the mind will be established, and the mind will be inspired to stay calm and focused.

180 g glass jar

Burn time is 65 hours


The scent combines essential oils from cinnamon, clove, patchouli, lemongrass, cedar wood and pine.


Sustainably sourced rapeseed wax, cotton wick, scented organic essential oils.

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